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Bankable results for Manufacturing SMEs

We offer customized advantages for small manufacturers with lower costs and higher margins.

WHy do we make sense today?

A game changer for SMEs

Free market SMEs face challenges across finance, technological innovation and operational efficiency due to the increased global subsidized competition.
The Ecoadventus Platform and Ecosystem offers out-of-the-box solutions and capabilities that Manufacturing SMEs need but cannot acquire or develop.

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What is the problem?

Not the exception, but the rule: SMEs undeperform

Studies show that small businesses often struggle to adopt new technologies and concepts. This is even more challenging in the Digital Age as new capabilities become increasingly complex.

The root of these problems can be traced back to the fact that many small businesses do not engage in formal planning. Instead, their teams rely on what feels familiar or popular at the time based on their own experiences and knowledge.

Without formal planning, many small businesses view technological progress as a risky investment rather than a potential source of competitive advantage. While it may seem safer to stick with what they know, this can ultimately lead to failure.
The common problems of SMEs are:

“Λόγος έργου σκιή” – Words are but the shadows of actions

Ancient Greek Philosopher
Ecoadventus is a paradigm shift

Not just "plans" but tangible outputs

We offer a range of unique benefits to our members - from very simple support to more complex capability building processes.

Maximum cost reduction

Our process and capabilities can reduce our members operational cost by an average of 20% if not more over time.

Customized Financing

Our members no longer need to convince banks that they need financial support.

Unique capabilities

Whatever capability our members need to develop or use, they have a best-in-class service to help them achieve their objectives.

New clients

All Ecoadventus members have access to new markets and clients that they cannot approach on their own.

our expertise

Why Ecoadventus?

We understand SMEs and smaller entities. We understand the challenges of a small Manufacturing business in a globalized environment. 

Based on what we know and what we learn about your business, we create a hyper-customized protective buffer around you. This buffer protects your business against market distortions, unfair competition and other negative factors that threaten the viability of most Manufacturing MBEs and SMEs today. 

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Your new, unique capabilities as an Ecoadventus member

Holistic Transformation

Commercial transformation

We are experts at transforming small and medium-small businesses to become more competitive and more profitable

Expertise "on the fly"

We provide a unique mechanism for "on-the-fly" expertise on any industry or market, fully customized to the needs of our members.


We provide a fast and cost-effective internationalization route for our members that have the capacity to reach multiple geographies and scale their production without investing in the infrastructure.

Green transformation

EcoAdventus supports the replacement of fossil fuels from the energy mix as well as the total green transformation of its members processes

High-quality shared infrastructure

We maximize our members operational capabilities through the provision of Ecosystem shared infrastructure that cannot be acquired or operated by SMEs.

Competitive Products

We create Ecosystem-based world-class products that SMEs cannot develop or support on their own.

who are our members?

Are you in business to excel?

EcoAdventus was created for Manufacturing SMEs and MBEs that seek to excel in everything they do. It is a security buffer for those companies that have the ambition, but cannot find enough support to achieve it.
Ecoadventus focuses its resources on owners and management teams that are determined to take advantage of the no-cost or low-cost transformation process they are offered by the Ecosystem.

If you seek to excel but you have limited resources, we are here to be your guide and partner

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